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Hello everyone. I am back contining post your only 3DSPlaza Weekly "originally" every Saturday. As always in this Weekly I'll be focusing on 3DSPlaza News, forums, 3DS/Wii U games, Chats, and maybe some User interests. So lets get started.

Profile Contest Theme: Summer [WINNERS]
To start this weekly off, most of you have been very active with "Destroiya's" summer theme contest. He's very thankful for all the users who participated in his event. So, I am proud to announce all the winners of this contest below.

1st. Silveon
2nd. DrakeJericho
3rd. MarioErmando
4th. ChampionLeake
5th. Hansaki
6th. AlexRose

Once again congratulations to everyone and the winners of this contest and congratulations to our first place winner Silveon.

3DSPlaza Extension Announcements
Next in this weekly are the 2 3DSPlaza Extensions "PlazaTools" and "Plaza+". First MarioErmando has an important announcement for FireFox users using PlazaTools that he has discontinued the support for Firefox users and moved on to Chrome users instead. PlazaTools will still be at yse but will not be updated for Firefox users. For more information please go to Forum thread: 79110.

Now, Fayne_Aldan creator of Plaza+ also has an important announcement that Plaza+ is functioning again and ready for use. You can still use all the methods provided in the official Plaza+ thread on Forum thread: 79842.

New 3DS coming to North America
This was like last week but I just want to cover this headline. Nintendo decided to bring the New 3DS system to North America. There is no confirm release date when it will come out yet.

Home4Glory2 Tournament
Home4DSi Admin DrakeJericho has decided to put another tournament up for any Home4DSi user who has Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. But things in this tournament are different. You can now participate with a partner you choose to battle in Home4Glory2. For more information please visit today.

I hope hou enjoyed this weeks 3DSPlaza Weekly. Be sure to give a +1 and as always comment. Until this Saturday see you in the next 3DSPlaza Weekly.

Posted on 2015-06-30 16:22:18 by ChampionLeake

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